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Sportfishing Charters from Los Sueños Marina in Costa Rica

Los Sueños Marina:  In Costs Rica sportfishing is, to put it simply, absolutely fantastic. You are going to get hits no matter what you are throwing in the water especially starting in January and running through April.

Los Sueños Marina, located just north of Playa Jacó (Jaco Beach) on the Central Pacific coast of Costa Rica, has been rated as one of the best in Latin America. Los Sueños Marina holds 200 slips housing both luxury yacht and the charter sportfishing. Just 75 minutes by car from San José, Los Sueños is an impressive 1,400 acre tropical vacation and luxury residential resort that has its own shopping plaza, championship golf course, and elaborate pool and canal system.

The Central Pacific in Costa Rica renowned for its spectacular billfish numbers especially between the beginning of January through mid-April. Sportfishing charters frequently hit between 20 and 45 Sailfish over a weekend, as well a few Marlin.

The Annual Los Sueños Signature Triple Crown held out of Los Sueños Marina often produced record breaking numbers of billfish. The Triple Crown is the fusion of two very well-known successful tournaments; the Signature Billfish Series and the Marlin Invitational.

For the leisure sportfishing angler on a Los Sueños Marina fishing charter you are going to be amazed with the offshore fishing for Sailfish, Marlin, Yellow-Fin Tuna, Mahi Mahi, and Wahoo. The inshore fishing is also amazing and just as popular with some of the best Roosterfish, Snapper (Pargo), Grouper and Jacks on the Pacific coast. While Los Sueños Marina fishing charters are best known for the offshore fishing there is also some of the most exciting inshore fishing in the world. Inshore fish are plentiful just off the shorelines all year round. The rock outcrops and up-crops, as well as river mouths provide plenty of prosperous hunting grounds for inshore charter excursions. Inshore fishing requires less specialized equipment than offshore fishing, but can be just as challenging and certainly exciting.

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Dan Ross has over 30 years in sportfishing, and 18 years in Costa Rica, Dan is one of the most experienced sportfishing and fishing charter experts in Central America and Costa Rica’s leading specialist in FAD Fishing, Seamount fishing and Fly Fishing for deep sea big game fish.

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Los Suenos Fishing End of Rain Season Report 2016

October is the slowest month for tourism and the rainiest month of the wet season in Costa Rica. This time of year Fishing charters out of Los Suenos work on repairs and improvements to their boats for the upcoming high season. This year Los Suenos fishing charters out on the waters during this rain season typically drop off but all in all it has been a pretty good rain season for those venturing out on the high seas.

The weather is hardest factor to deal with Costa Rica fishing during October. The fish are there but sporatic and quick changing weather can affect plans as there are so many days with rain. Rain blocks RADAR from seeing surface targets (like birds), so these heavier rain days are obviously less reliable days for results.

Rain season, especially October and beginning of November can see excessive runoff from rivers and streams pushing logs and debris out into the open waters making travel difficult for fishing charters. Visible debris is one thing but the real worry this time of year is submerged debris. With that said this same debris act as a natural fishing FAD attracting many big game fish such as like smaller yellowfins tuna, as well as marlin, sails and dorado in search of hiding feeder fish.

Los Suenos Fishing Report for this End-rain Season

Reported out of Los Suenos the number of sailfish was low throughout October, but the sailfish numbers will be going up throughout November and as usual be good for December and spectacular by January mid-month.

Marlin fishing was hit and miss throughout October but everyone is expecting a better run in November.

Yellowfin Tuna catches was actually very good according to most report out of Los Suenos. The yellow fins are traveling in smaller groups but the hits have been steady.

Dorado hits typically pick up in September but have been somewhat slow so far this season.

Inshore fishing has been reported has being good throughout October with a nice mix of roosterfish, snappers, mackerel and amberjacks. Inshore is expected to stay healthy in the coming months.

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Los Suenos Fishing Charters

As one of the best marinas in Central America, Los Suenos fishing charters are plentiful, with a plethora of choices range from smaller boats at 20 ft. all the way up to custom luxury fishing yachts at 40ft or more. The size of your Los Suenos fishing charter will determine what hotspots you can reach. In general Los Suenos fishing charters travel 15 to 40 miles off shore to target trophy Sailfish, Marlin (Blue, Black and Striped), Mahi-Mahi, Yellowfin, Dorado, and Wahoo.

Choosing the Right Los Suenos Charter

Sportfishing experts often have some knowledge of charter boats, if you are new to sport fishing in Costa Rica selecting a good charter and crew is critical to have a good day deep sea fishing.

Many larger charters can take up to 14 people. Larger fishing charters boats have amenities bunks, air conditioning, open fly bridge as well as all the electronic gadgets for locating and finding fish.

Fishing charters that are in the mid-size range, up to 6 people generally come fully equipped coming with fly reels and various rods, bait, switch stations, bathroom, air conditioning, and again all the electronics required to put you on the fish.

Smaller fishing charters, up to 5 people come and generally have shade cover, enough tack, GPS navigator, sounders, bait wells and of course outriggers. Although less comfortable these smaller fishing charters come with enough tack to get the job done and an economical price.

Prices of Los Suenos Fishing Charters

Prices can vary depending on a number of points, but in general when dealing with same boat size and capacity half day fishing charters out Los Suenos can start around $650 and go up to $2500 USD, and full day fishing charters ranges from $1200 and can be as high as $3,000 depending on the boat, number of people, crew and outfitting.

In selecting a Los Suenos fishing charter it is advisable to get advice from a qualified expert that has Cost Rica fishing and charter selection experience. Knowledge of all the boats, boats types, and captains and crew can make a big difference in general but especially when targeting certain fish or hunting grounds.

For more information on Los Suenos Fishing Charters give Dan Ross a call, he is recongnized as on Costa Rica’s best fishing guides and will make sure you get the right boat, and crew to land the fish you are looking for.

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Costa Rica Fishing: When and Where

Costa Rica is perfectly positioned between two oceans, the Atlantic (Caribbean) and the Pacific. Considered the tropical Jewel of the Americas, Costa Rica truly offers world class sport fishing. Anglers from across the global hit our sunny shores for its abundant game fish such as blue marlin, roosterfish, doroada (mahi mahi), sailfish, tuna, snapper snook, tarpon and more.

Costa Rica fishing charters have prices for any budget, from a local panga to a luxury sportfishing yachts. Tours range from a half day to a full week out at sea. Both coasts are accessible from the capital city of San Jose, with a drive across the country in about 7 hours and just 30 minutes of flying time to get to either the Pacific or Caribbean side.

Where and When for the Best Costa Rica Fishing

The Pacific Coast is well known for its plentiful blue and black marlins, sailfish and dorados. Generally the slowest season to fish in the Pacific is from September to November. The best spots in the country are found in the central Pacific; Los Suenos / Playa Herradura and Quepos / Manuel Antonio being the hottest areas in terms of fishing and the number of sportfishing charter boats that are available.

The fish move seasonally so the Papagayo Gulf on the north Pacific sees a lot of active from May to September. This includes Tamarindo go here to check website, Playa Flamingo and Playas del Coco.

In the south Pacific Golfo Dulce, Zancudo, Puerto Jimenez and Golfito see the best fishing November to March.
Fishermen heading to Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast generally are targeting on game fish – tarpon. The Caribbean coast of Costa Rica is rated as one of the world’s finest tarpon fisheries. Tarpon fish can be caught year-round, as well as some fantastic snook, along with jacks, snapper, dorado, tuna and wahoo. The most popular areas on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica is Tortuguero and Barra del Colorado, around the rivers, estuaries, and larger lagoons.

Los Suenos Fishing

A few minutes north of Jaco Beach, the central Pacific hub, sits t Los Suenos Resort and Marina in beautiful Herradura Bay. The Los Suenos marina has 250 slips and was built with sport fishing in mind. There are exceptional large numbers fish in Los Suenos region, including yellow fin tuna, marlin, sailfish, jacks, snapper, rooster, snook, wahoo and mahi-mahi.

Quepos Fishing

Stunning coastal landscapes and warms waters has made Quepos sportfishing a hot destination in Costa Rica. You can catch blue, black and striped and inshore there is excellent fishing for roosterfish among other inshore species, include; snook, Snapper, Mackeral, and Crevalle.

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Los Suenos Costa Rica: Sportfishing Capital of Central America

Located on the Pacific coast, south of the Nicoya Peninsula and only a one hour drive, from the capitol of San Jose on the new highway, Costa Rica’s most prestigious and famous resort and marina, Los Suenos Costa Rica provides the perfect fishing destination for anglers wishing to discover why this part of the ocean is considered a world-class fishing destination by professional and leisure anglers from around the globe.

The waters in the Central Pacific are warm and generally calm, as well the best offshore fishing spots are a relatively short distance by boat meaning fish time is higher than travel time and condition are ripe for big apex predators, like the Blue Marlin. Long known as one of the world’s premier big-game destinations, Los Suenos offers traveling anglers a chance at all three types of Marlin and the Pacific Sailfish.

Costa Rica one of the few places in the world where anglers get a real shot at the elusive “grand slam” — catching and releasing three different species of billfish in a single run. The Grand Slam Heavyweights are; blue, black and striped marlin — as well as enormous numbers of big Pacific sailfish, make Los Suenos one of the most active angling destination in the world

Big Game Fishing In Costa Rica

Easily approaching 600 pounds blue and black species of marlin are considered the most powerful game fish to hunt. Their power, size and sheer tenacity make these monsters one of the most highly prized by all anglers. Marlin can be found from the North Pacific Coast to the southern region of Costa Rica.

Top Marlin spots in Costa Rica include Los Suenos in the Central Pacific, Golfito and Drake’s Bay in the South Zone. It is generally agreed that Marlin Fishing in Costa Rica is the best in the southern and central areas during December through April and during April and May for back marlin. The smaller striped marlin is caught throughout the year in Costa Rica

The abundance of sailfish has branded Costa Rica into the mind of every international angler that has these hard hitting and hard running beasts on the ‘must catch’ bucket list. There is no particular season regarding sails but in general tournaments are held during June and July. These air-time specialists are hard hitting and high flying, and will set your reel smoking when below the water. While not as big and powerful as the marlin, sailfish are certainly the most entertaining. Double and triple hookups are not uncommon, especially in the southern regions of the Pacific.

Los Suenos (actually written Los Sueños, and pronounced Los Suenyos) is considered the place to be, from December to March, with February being the best month for sailfish with the possibility of 20 or 30 hookups a day!

The Marriott Los Suenos Costa Rica
The Marriott Los Suenos is one of Costa Rica’s few large-scale resorts, with 201 comfortable rooms, an 18-hole golf course, a big pool complex, full-service spa, six restaurants, and beautiful Spanish colonial architecture. The marina at Los Suenos has 200 slips, and has the highest concentration of sportfishing charters in Costa Rica.

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