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How to Plan the Perfect Costa Rica Fishing Trip

Embarking on a Costa Rica fishing trip is the ultimate fishing experience in one of the best fishing grounds in the world. It’s a fantastic bachelor party activity or family vacation. Getting out on the Pacific Ocean with group of friends is an experience in and of itself, but hooking into big marlin and/or sailfish is literally an adventure of a lifetime.

A great fishing trip can be yield stories to be told for a lifetime, but so can a bad one. Planning is the key to a successful Costa Rica fishing trip. Unpredictability of weather and ocean conditions, the time of year, what areas are best… there’s a lot to plan to make sure you land the fish you are looking for. Here are some pointers to ensure your Costa Rica fishing trip is a good one:

1. Pick the Right Location

Costa Rica offers many great locations to launch your deep sea fishing adventure. Undoubtedly Los Suenos fishing charters is hands down the best bet, not only in terms of variety of species and the numbers of big game fish, but Los Suenos is home to some of the best charter boats in Central America.

The waters of the central Pacific coast are generally calm, and loaded with predator fish that cruise the region feasting on the abundant supply of feeder fish. The upwell of plankton from the rising continental shelf just off the Pacific coast bring a smorgasbord of feeder fish and following the feeder fish are all the big game fish anglers are hunting: marlin, sailfish, dorado, tuna, wahoo, etc.

2. Know Which Species to Target

There are many leisure anglers that show up in Costa Rica that have no preference on fish species, it doesn’t matter to them if they catch a Rooster, or a tuna, and there some that are looking to specifically catch a trophy marlin. Either way Costa Rica’s central Pacific will satisfy anyone’s expectations.

This is where a little research comes in, and even better find an expert to talk to and helps you to book the right boat out of the right marina to ensure a successful fishing trip. Talking to the boat captains can be daunting as they are on a mission to sell their boat. An educated, experienced third party is who you need to talk to.

3. Choosing the Right Costa Rica Fishing Package

Fishing packages in Costa Rica vary wildly, but in general these are the salient points to consider; prices, schedules, half day vs. full day, in-shore vs. off-shore, inclusive options such as accommodations and transportation, whether you want to try different regions on your trip or stick to one area, and most important especially on extended fishing trips – choosing a good third party guide to manage all the logistics from airport pick up to airport drop off.

4. Costa Rica Fishing Lodges/Resorts

A fishing lodge or resort is always a good option for all-inclusive packages. Selecting the right one will take some research. The main realization with a one-stop all-inclusive fishing lodge package is that you are locked into one region so make sure you understand the area, and what else the area offers. If you are in a lodge that is isolated for instance with nothing to do but what the lodge has to offer and you are there for two weeks things can get a little monotonous – so the take away on these type of Costa Rica fishing trips is to know what you are getting into.

5. Specialty Fishing Trips

Specialty fishing trips include FAD fishing, river fishing, or species specific trips like Caribbean tarpon fishing trips. In general, charter boats will give the option for half day or full day and in-shore fishing species like rooster, grouper, snapper, or deep sea. These fishing charters tend to be opportunistic in that you may want a marlin but end up hooking dorado and tuna all day – nothing wrong with that. But choosing the right boat for marlin fishing on the FADs requires specialized knowledge on the captains’ part, and not all boats and crews are specialist on Fad fishing. Again buyer-beware, a good third party advisor is highly recommended for specialized fishing trip planning.

For more information on the Perfect Costa Rica Fishing Trip talk to the experts – Dan Ross is a captain for over 40 years and over 20 years fishing and planning fishing trips in Costa Rica. Give us a call, we’ll hook you up!

Dan Ross, DR Sportfishing Costa Rica
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Costa Rica, Mobile: 8345-8346

Fishing in Costa Rica

Costa Rica means “Rich Coast” so it is not surprising that Costa Rica is recognized as one of the world’s top destination for deep sea and coastal sport fishing. Fishing in Costa Rica especially for big marlin and sailfish is on every leisure and professional anglers bucket list for good reason.

In both the Pacific and Caribbean you can hunt for big Sailfish, Black and Blue Marlin as well as roosterfish, wahoo, corvina, makerel, grouper and snapper. The Caribbean Sea is most famous for tarpon and snook on fly’s and light tackle especially around river mouths.

While spectacular deep sea fishing in Costa Rica is well known, not many people are aware Costa Rica offers incredible fresh water fishing for jaguar guapote, mojarra, and Costa Rica’s version of the piranha—the machaca. Further, several of Costa Rica’s high mountain streams offer excellent light tackle wet and dry fly casting for trout.

Salt Water Fishing from Los Suenos

The bill fish out of the Los Suenos Marina in Costa Rica are world class. Blue, black and striped marlin are the main staple of Los Suenos charter boats but they are allway on the lookout for the plentiful wahoo, yellow fin and blue fin tuna, and dorado (mahi-mahi) that cruise these calms waters. The in-shore charters Wahoo, rooster fish, snapper, and grouper are always successful in this region around the reefs, rocks and islands.

Costa Rica fishing charters run from $400 for half day and up depending on the size of the boat, number of fishermen and location. Full day boat charters start at around $800 to over $4,500 for the high end boats.

The Costa Rica Panga is small (15 to 22 foot) outboard boat, some with a center consoles that are also available from many beaches and run between $150 and $400. If you are not afraid of a little bit of a rough ride, many of these charters produce great in-shore results for fish like grouper, rooster and snapper.

Costa Rica Shore Fishing

Shore is not as popular as deep sea fishing charters but productive for Pacific snook, jacks, corvina, and Spanish mackerel. The most popular is bouncing white jigs along the bottom near river mouths for snook.

Freshwater Fishing in Costa Rica

Jungle river fishing in Costa Rica produces world class tarpon and snook fishing which continue to attract anglers from around the world. You will also hook into rainbow bass (guapote), bluegill, alligator gar and machaca in the rivers of Barra del Colorado and other rivers on Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast. The river Caño Negro delivers great angling for rainbow bass, tarpon, garfish, guapote, and machacas.

For more information on fishing in Costa Rica give a shout, and we will set you up for the fishing vacation of a life time in Costa Rica.

Dan Ross
Phone: 1-888-326-7677
Costa Rica, Mobile: 8345-8346

Los Suenos Marina Sport Fishing

Los Suenos Marina Sport Fishing – Before the sun is breaking over the coastal mountain ridges at Los Suenos Marina, the docks are buzzing with activity. Crew members are swabbing the decks, prepping the rigs and tack, getting the bait wells topped up, re-spooling as well as loading in the food, ice, and drinks for the clients. The clients are arriving by the van loads, all with an extra-large coffee in-hand.

The excitement is on the rise as all the crew members between the boats joke and jibe one another and share yesterday’s hook-ups and release stats, each trying to top the other. It’s a guy’s dream atmosphere, you instantly start to think about diving into the lifestyle, and many do!

The groups of arriving clients are ready to go and boat crews are as excited as the clients about the prospects for the day. The clients are searching for their fishing charter boats, itching to get out and get their first strike. This time of year, mid-February, Costa Rica’s mid-summer point, is one of the best times to take a fishing charter from Los Suenos. The marlin and sailfish are in full feed mode, the weather is perfect, the waters out of Los Suenos Marina are calm and at the perfect temperature for deep sea fishing.

To give an idea of the spectacular fishing out of Los Suenos Marina, the first leg of the Los Suenos Signature Triple Crown Billfish Tournament just finished in the last week of January 2017, with 785 sailfish and 212 marlin released for a total of 997 billfish in three days of fishing, by 50 teams. With these kinds of numbers it’s easy to see why Los Suenos is ranked as one of the best places in the world for sportfishing big billfish!

Los Suenos Marina Sport Fishing is Attracting New Charter Start-ups

Sport fishing is up there with hunting as of man’s primal drive, add to that Costa Rica’s attractive Central Pacific tropical lifestyle and you have a perfect recipe to draw not only sport fishing tourists but new sportfishing charter startups as well.

Costa Rica’s tourism continues to rise every year and recent tourism statistic reports show that sport fishing accounts for over $400 million USD annually with more than 250,000 sportfishing anglers visiting every year. Further, the sports fishing tourism industry in Costa Rica generates approximately 60,000 jobs for the country. Los Suenos Marina sport fishing is hands down the #1 place to play and work.

Because this is seen as such a growth industry, Los Suenos sees its fair share of new boats breaking into the charter business and with the new marina in Quepos Costa Rica, only an hour south of Los Suenos, the Central Pacific sport fishing industry is expected to grow even more rapidly over the next decade.

Whether you are looking to break into the charter boat business end of the industry or are considering a visit to Costa Rica to catch some billfish (and many other species), or if you are a seasoned sport fishing vet or just have to scratch a sailfish and/or marlin off your bucket-list, give us a call. We have over 18 years booking sportfishing charters in Costa Rica on both the Pacific and Caribbean sides of Costa Rica, not only that our founder Dan Ross has had 42 years as a register charter boat captain, leading fishing expeditions from the wilds of Alaska all the way into South America. Give us a call, we will hook you up!

Dan Ross, DR Sportfishing Costa Rica
Phone: 1-888-326-7677
Costa Rica, Mobile: 8345-8346



Los Sueños Triple Crown launched today with the first of three legs, the kick-off party was January 18th, 2017 and it was stacked with the best billfish anglers in world. The opening ceremony was packed, with vendors, tournament organizers, official observers and the fishing teams. A total of 50 teams are competing this year for some incredible prizes: Prize money will be distributed 50% to first place, 30% to second place and 20% to third place. There is also a $100,000 grand prize for the Series Champion. The cash prize purses are dependent on the number of entries received.

2017 Los Sueños Signature Triple Crown Tournament Dates:

The Triple Crown is Costa Rica’s premier billfish tournament. When it comes to sportfishing there is no higher honor than to place in the Los Sueños Triple Crown! By 6 am the teams were locked and loaded and heading out on the high sea. The official radius is 50 KM, so it was full throttle once the boats cleared the marina.

Observers were reporting a flurry of action by 8:30 am with over 23 released billfish. By the end of the first day of Leg 1 there were 316 sailfish and 66 marlin (382 total billfish) recorded. Second day of the first leg is expecting see even higher numbers the teams re-tool, and tighten up operations.

Dan Ross, DR Sportfishing Costa Rica
Phone: 1-888-326-7677
Costa Rica, Mobile: 8345-8346


Since 2014 the Los Sueños Signature Triple Crown tournament has become recognized as the premier sportfishing events in Central America – if you want to compete with some of the world’s best billfishing teams, the Los Sueños Signature Triple Crown billfishing tournament on Costa Rica central Pacific coast is where you need to be.

2017 Los Sueños Signature Triple Crown Tournament Dates:


In 2004 Los Sueños first began its sportfishing tradition with the Signature Billfish Series. Then in 2008 the Marlin Invitational tournament was successfully added to the calendar. Unifying both tournaments in 2014 into one single three-leg championship billfish tournament series the Los Sueños Signature Triple Crown has had stellar results.

The Triple Crown became a world record setter during its first year, achieving the unheard of number of 5,078 billfish releases in 9 days. Then to follow up in 2016 the Los Sueños Signature Triple Crown tournament produced even more spectacular results with 43 teams releasing 6,570 billfish over 9 days of hard fought competition.

Here we are in 2017 with the world’s best billfishing teams will hunt for the Crown of the Los Sueños Signature tournament. Based on all the fishing reports for the first part of January 2017, it looks like another record setting year!

All tournaments are exclusively catch and release. The target is Marlin (all species) and Pacific sailfish. Points are awarded for each successful release; 500 for any species of marlin and 100 for Pacific sailfish.

IGFA or LSOCP observers will rotate on participating boats. All releases must be verified by the observer. Marlin releases may also have photo and/or video confirmation with a date and time stamp.

The Entry Fee is $10,300 per boat per tournament or $20,900 per boat for the Series, including the Observer Fee of $300 per tournament. The entry fee includes seven social tickets for tournament events; four angler bags; and T-shirts and caps for anglers and crew. In addition, the entry fee qualifies boats to win trophies and cash prizes as defined below.

All boats are eligible for trophies and cash prizes, to be awarded to the top three boats per tournament based on overall billfish release points. Prize money will be distributed 50% to first place, 30% to second place and 20% to third place. There is also a $100,000 grand prize for the Series Champion. The cash prize purse will vary in accordance with the number of entries received.

Teams compete for an invitation to the International Game Fish Association (IGFA) Offshore World Championship. For further information, please visit

Marlin Fishing Los Suenos Costa Rica

Famous for its world class tournaments like the Los Suenos Triple Crown and the Offshore World Championship, Costa Rica is the number 1 sportfishing destination for sailfish and marlin fishing in western hemisphere. These tournaments like the Triple Crown have broken multiple deep sea fishing records and has featured in all the top sportfishing magazines, adventure shows including ESPN. At the heart of sport fishing in Costa Rica Marlin Fishing Los Suenos is simple spectacular and is considered by many sportfishing professionals to be the best place in the world to book a fishing adventure vacation.

Over the past few years, large numbers of private and fishing charter boats have been traveling to the offshore seamounts off the Central Pacific coast (either from Quepos or Los Suenos Marina) to raise incredible numbers of massive blue marlin as well as sailfish and other deep sea big game fish. The region also offers fantastic in-shore fishing such as Rooster which pound for pound is one of the best battle fish in the ocean.

The area of the Central to South Pacific is certainly consider the hottest region to book a sportfishing charter The region area spans from just north of Jacó and the Los Suenos marina down to Golfito, including the Osa Peninsula where after Los Suenos marlin fishing there have been more world records caught than any other part of the country.

Best Times of the Year for Marlin Fishing Los Suenos

During the months of December–April, it is all about sailfish but the marlin fishing is sporadic. This is the time of year that captains report double-digit sailfish releases and you will see all the records are broken during the tournaments held at this. At this time the seas are relatively calm and the great weather coupled with incredible offshore fishing make these months good time to book a Los Suenos fishing charter.

From June to August the region is inundated with all the big game species. This is also the time of year when the tuna traditionally show up, and with that this is also the best time for marlin fishing Los Suenos as these beasts are showing up here in large numbers. There are sailfish still hitting hard and fast, as well as plenty of mahi-mahi for the BBQ. This time of year is where many captains will be hunting in-shore for roosterfish, snapper, grouper, and other reef dwelling favorites.

In September and October the rain slows things slow down for both offshore and in-shore fishing, and there are fewer charters available, with many captains working on maintaining and upgrading their boats

The transitional months of May and November in general offer very good fishing in any part of Costa Rica.

For more information on booking a Los Suenos fishing charter contact:

Dan Ross, DR Sportfishing Costa Rica

Phone: 1-888-326-7677
Costa Rica, Mobile: 8345-8346

Sportfishing Charters from Los Sueños Marina in Costa Rica

Los Sueños Marina:  In Costs Rica sportfishing is, to put it simply, absolutely fantastic. You are going to get hits no matter what you are throwing in the water especially starting in January and running through April.

Los Sueños Marina, located just north of Playa Jacó (Jaco Beach) on the Central Pacific coast of Costa Rica, has been rated as one of the best in Latin America. Los Sueños Marina holds 200 slips housing both luxury yacht and the charter sportfishing. Just 75 minutes by car from San José, Los Sueños is an impressive 1,400 acre tropical vacation and luxury residential resort that has its own shopping plaza, championship golf course, and elaborate pool and canal system.

The Central Pacific in Costa Rica renowned for its spectacular billfish numbers especially between the beginning of January through mid-April. Sportfishing charters frequently hit between 20 and 45 Sailfish over a weekend, as well a few Marlin.

The Annual Los Sueños Signature Triple Crown held out of Los Sueños Marina often produced record breaking numbers of billfish. The Triple Crown is the fusion of two very well-known successful tournaments; the Signature Billfish Series and the Marlin Invitational.

For the leisure sportfishing angler on a Los Sueños Marina fishing charter you are going to be amazed with the offshore fishing for Sailfish, Marlin, Yellow-Fin Tuna, Mahi Mahi, and Wahoo. The inshore fishing is also amazing and just as popular with some of the best Roosterfish, Snapper (Pargo), Grouper and Jacks on the Pacific coast. While Los Sueños Marina fishing charters are best known for the offshore fishing there is also some of the most exciting inshore fishing in the world. Inshore fish are plentiful just off the shorelines all year round. The rock outcrops and up-crops, as well as river mouths provide plenty of prosperous hunting grounds for inshore charter excursions. Inshore fishing requires less specialized equipment than offshore fishing, but can be just as challenging and certainly exciting.

For more information on Los Sueños Marina fishing charters give us a call, and we will hook you up with the right fishing charter and crew.

Dan Ross has over 30 years in sportfishing, and 18 years in Costa Rica, Dan is one of the most experienced sportfishing and fishing charter experts in Central America and Costa Rica’s leading specialist in FAD Fishing, Seamount fishing and Fly Fishing for deep sea big game fish.

Dan Ross, DR Sportfishing Costa Rica

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Costa Rica, Mobile: 8345-8346

Los Suenos Fishing End of Rain Season Report 2016

October is the slowest month for tourism and the rainiest month of the wet season in Costa Rica. This time of year Fishing charters out of Los Suenos work on repairs and improvements to their boats for the upcoming high season. This year Los Suenos fishing charters out on the waters during this rain season typically drop off but all in all it has been a pretty good rain season for those venturing out on the high seas.

The weather is hardest factor to deal with Costa Rica fishing during October. The fish are there but sporatic and quick changing weather can affect plans as there are so many days with rain. Rain blocks RADAR from seeing surface targets (like birds), so these heavier rain days are obviously less reliable days for results.

Rain season, especially October and beginning of November can see excessive runoff from rivers and streams pushing logs and debris out into the open waters making travel difficult for fishing charters. Visible debris is one thing but the real worry this time of year is submerged debris. With that said this same debris act as a natural fishing FAD attracting many big game fish such as like smaller yellowfins tuna, as well as marlin, sails and dorado in search of hiding feeder fish.

Los Suenos Fishing Report for this End-rain Season

Reported out of Los Suenos the number of sailfish was low throughout October, but the sailfish numbers will be going up throughout November and as usual be good for December and spectacular by January mid-month.

Marlin fishing was hit and miss throughout October but everyone is expecting a better run in November.

Yellowfin Tuna catches was actually very good according to most report out of Los Suenos. The yellow fins are traveling in smaller groups but the hits have been steady.

Dorado hits typically pick up in September but have been somewhat slow so far this season.

Inshore fishing has been reported has being good throughout October with a nice mix of roosterfish, snappers, mackerel and amberjacks. Inshore is expected to stay healthy in the coming months.

For more information on Fishing out of Los Suenos give us a call, and we will hook you up.

Dan Ross, DR Sportfishing Costa Rica

Phone: 1-888-326-7677
Costa Rica, Mobile: 8345-8346

Playa Herradura Costa Rica

A few minutes off the Costanera Sur highway that runs along Costa Rica’s Central Pacific coast, just a few minutes north of Jaco Beach, you will find Playa Herradura (Horseshoe Beach) which is truly a hidden gem. With its quite aqua-green waters, against a backdrop of lush green rolling hilltops, this beach hides many hidden treasures. Palm trees line the horse-shoe shaped bay, and the calm waters and refreshing breezes in off the ocean give the place a laidback tropical dreamlike atmosphere.

In recent years Playa Herradura has been slowly turning into a hotspot destination for tourists because of the areas many recreational activities as well the famous Los Suenos Resort and Marin is located at the north end of the bay.

Los Sueños Marina

Before the Los Sueños Marina and Resort was built, Playa Herradura was a sleepy beach village that attracted a handful of locals. Now the Los Sueños Marina has transformed this region into Costa Rica’s #1 destination for people looking for a 5 Star luxury resort.

Sprawling at 1100 acres, this incredible vacation resort and residential community that offers a 200 wet slip marina, 600-acre rainforest reserve, 18-hole world-class championship golf course, multiple pools, an amazing clubhouse area, the Marriott Hotel and a spectacular array of the condos and homes residences for sale, With amazing deals for buying a Property and Enjoy a luxury lifestyle.

World Class Sportfishing

Costa Rica’s waters out of Los Suenos are teeming with big game fish; dorado averaging 40 pounds, yellowfin tuna that can reach 300 pounds and one of the largest concentrations of big Pacific Billfish found in Latin America. As one of the most prolific billfish fisheries on the planet, hitting 20 to 30 billfish in a single day is common. As Costa Rica’s most famous marina, Los Suenos fishing charters offer a full range of fishing adventure to choose from on budget to luxury sportfishing vessels.

Swimmers Can Enjoy Poolside Los Suenos or the Beach in Herradura

If you are looking to cool off, Los Sueños Marriott Ocean & Golf Resort has an amazing an extensive pool complex that includes giant pools, multiple canals, bridges, islands, and swim-up bars, But if you are looking for some beach time Herradura Beach is right next door to Los Suenos. The beach here is truly beautiful, with green-blue calm waters, palm trees and lots of restaurants and bars lining the beach to enjoy.

Spear Fishing in Playa Herradura

While there are large number activities that you can participate in Playa Herradura, such as zip/canopy tours, catamaran coastal trips, sportfishing (of course), horseback and ATV tours, just to name few, a little know tour available is spear fishing along the small island outcrops at the southern end of the bay. The waters this area offer many in-shore fish to hunt, such as large, Cubera, Makarel, Barracuda, Red Snapper, and even pelagic fish such as Wahoo and Yellowfin Tuna that wonder in-shore to take advantage of these feeding grounds.

Playa Herradura Shopping

Shopping in Playa Herradura has really picked up in recent years especially for those looking for a unique piece of art or designer clothing with a Costa Rican flavor. Other items such as traditional pottery, and aboriginal masks are also abundant.

If you are seeking a quiet beachfront town with amazing activities and stunning beauty or just a quiet place to relax, Playa Herradura is a great place to discover. And if you are sportfishing enthusiast then you definitely will find what you are looking for right out of Costa Rica’s #1 fishing marina at Los Suenos.

Dan Ross, DR Sportfishing Costa Rica

Phone: 1-888-326-7677
Costa Rica, Mobile: 8345-8346

Los Suenos Marina Services

Los Sueños Marina is renowned as the fishing capital of Costa Rica and many would say Central America and that is because there are more trophy fish caught here throughout the year than any other professional fishing destination in all of Central America. Whether you hunting off-shore for trophy Billfish (Blue Marlin, Sailfish) or in-shore for giant Rooster Fish, Snapper and Grouper, your odds of hooking up out of Los Suenos Marina are the best in the country.

Los Suenos Marina is Costa Rica’s first government approved marina and is also the most recognized marina for leisure boaters and sport fishing charters in the country. As Costa Rica’s premier full service marina for sport fishing charters, Los Suenos has 200 wet slips, 116 dry slips, and fuel station, and is located at the epi-center of Costa Rica’s sport fishing industry on the Central Pacific coast .

The full service international port of Los Sueoos Marina provides all the services required for the many the luxury sport fishing vessels and leisure yachts that visit and stay throughout the year.

The state-of-the-art fuel station is fully equipped and has a 65-gallon per minute pumping system with a centrifuge cleaning technology. The fuel station is also fully equipped for oil change service, extractions and pump-out services for sanitary tanks.

The Marina also sports a 10-ton capacity lift truck for retrieval from the water for setting the boat on the two story dry-storage that has the capacity to house up to 80 boats.

Fishing enthusiasts never want to leave this world-class marina as it the home to the largest fleet of charter fishing captains and leisure boats in the country. Los Suenos Resort is also an unforgettable vacation spot for sportfishing enthusiasts looking for top-notch accommodations.

Los Suenos is home to an exclusive sportfishing tournament, the Los Sueños Signature Triple Crown, as the waters off-shore are rated among the best in the world for big game fishing. Anglers can troll and cast for 40-pound dorado, 300-pound yellowfin tuna, massive Pacific sailfish and record size Blue Marlin.

For more information on getting set up to fish out Los Suenos, Charter Fishing Packages and accommodation contact one of the most noted captains in Costa Rica with over 30 years experience:

Dan Ross, DR Sportfishing Costa Rica

Phone: 1-888-326-7677
Costa Rica, Mobile: 8345-8346

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