Our Fleet

Costa Rica Sport Fishing Charters

All of our sport fishing charter boats have vetted received Dan Ross’s stamp of approval. A beautiful boat doesn’t mean you will catch fish, There are many considerations to take into account, and understanding this consideration is the difference between getting hook ups and not, landing hook ups and not. The Captain, crew, tac and type of boat all have to be considered. The hull type, the fish you are hunting for, inshore, off shore, all has to be understood.

Below are some of the boast we work with, contact Dan Ross directly and lets talk about what you need for your fishing adventure.

31' Bertram
31′ Bertram Los Suenos Fishing Charter

33' L-H-415
33′ L-H Los Suenos Sport Fishing Charter

36′ Hatteras Los Suenos Fishing Charter

28' Bertram-Los Suenos300x224
28′ Bertram Los Sueno

28' Shamrock-Los Suenos300x224
33′ L-H Los Suenos Sport Fishing Charter

32’Luhr’s Los Suenos

34′ Topaz Quepos & Los Suenos

35′ Cabo Quepos

35′ Cabo Drake Bay